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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Dr Wayne W. Dyer

OCD Awareness Week: Watch Jim's Films for Free!

In honor of OCD Awareness Week, we just posted the full version of In the Shoes of Christopher and The Touching Tree on this site. The film is a story about a bully and a boy with OCD. The film was awarded best Independent Film from Kids First, The Coalition For Quality Children's Media. Bullying around the world cannot be tolerated and those that are challenged with OCD are not immune from being bullied.

This film is our attempt to give teachers, students and adults a look into what it would be like to be in the shoes of a teenager with OCD. It's intent is to bring awareness and education.
~ James Callner ~ Writer /Director and Challenged by OCD

The International OCD Foundation commissioned me to write and direct the first film about a child with OCD: The Touching Tree. This was many years ago but the film is still going. It was frightening at the time to write about many of my own symptoms but as my mentor said ~ "this is how you get better.. ya' do it anyway" So, out came the film and we offer it to you for free on OCD Awareness Week :) It is also available on Amazon.com with all proceeds going to OCD Education and Research. ~ James Callner

Welcome to our website! Our Foundation has it’s eye on Inspiration and Hope. We encourage you to browse our site for inspiration and the encouragement it takes to build recovery. There is no way to recovery ~ recovery is the way!

Hope and Inspiration are powerful medicines. AFOCD is about bringing that hope and inspiration to you. Our mission is to educate the public and individuals about OCD and related disorders and lift your spirit to empower you to take action for your own recovery. Since 1992 AFOCD President James Callner has been lecturing at schools, conferences, support groups and community venues, showing his educational films and speaking from experience about hope for individuals challenged by OCD. Many times Mr. Callner will be joined by his fellow AFOCD professionals and/or specialists on OCD. (See our Services and Testimonials pages.)

"I found that helping others, soothing others and educating people with the same disorder as me continues to heal my spirit. It's a two way street of healing that truly works. Presentations are my way of giving back what was given to me during those desperate days, months and years of the disorder: some hope." - James Callner

We invite you to join the “Hope - Train” with your Inspirational comments on my blog entries, or your email. We all need it every moment of everyday. Comment on my blogs and share them. Visit often and Share Your Hope.